Customised Training Plans

Need some motivation?.. Want to reach your goals and challenge yourself?..

Having a training plan that is designed specifically for you will allow you to get the results you want!

Me and my qualified team will put together a program catered to your body type, experience and goals.


Do you want to reach your goals and challenge yourself?..

We will design a customized program that will get you the results you have always wanted!

We can design plans for anyone. No matter what your goals or requirements are.

  • Weight Loss
  • Gain Muscle
  • Tone and Shape Up
  • Increased Fitness Level
  • Preparing for a Special Event, Weddings, ect.

How it works…

  • After choosing a plan, we ask that you to fill out a detailed questionnaire so we can get to know you better. We want to find out about your previous training experience, location where you will be training (Home or Gym) and If you have or had any injuries, ect. We want to know what your goals are so we can get you there and help build your confidence along the way.

We also encourage progress photos so we can track and look back on your amazing transformation!

  • We will design the program within 7 days and you will receive your program by email with all the detailed instructions of how it works.

  • We will check in on how your progress is going and we are always available for any help you may need.

  • If you choose a 12-18 week plan, it will be updated every 6 weeks.